Trans Bhutan Trail restored

Trans Bhutan Trail restored

Trans Bhutan Trail restored

After an extensive restoration programme the historic Trans Bhutan Trail will reopen in April 2022 for the fist time in 60 years. The trail was built during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and served as a vital link between the east and west of the country. It fell into disuse after the construction of the national highways in the 1960s.

The reopening of the path is expected to not only reconnect remote villages with each other but also to bring international tourists to the region enabling visitors to connect with local people and allowing them to learn about Bhutanese life and culture. The move will also give a welcome boost to the economies of rural communities along the route.

G Adventures are offering two itineraries on the selected parts of the 403 kilometre (250 mile) trail; A 12 day trek called Highlights of the Trans Bhutan Trail and an 11 day Camp the Trans Bhutan Trail. Accommodation will include camping, home stays, locally owned guest houses and hotels.

Bhutan boasts some of the most challenging and spectacular trails in the world passing through beautiful landscapes, along high ridges and visiting pristine mountain lakes and forests. It also offers visitors the chance to visit traditional villages, ancient temples and fortresses.

As well as the Trans Bhutan Trail the country offers the 26 day, 347 kilometre (216 mile) Snowman Trek which takes hardy hikers into the high Himalayas close to the border with Tibet.

Slightly less taxing is the ancient Rodung La trail which passes through mountain passes, meadows, alpine and bamboo forests as well as to villages and temples offering hikers a wide range of culture and Biodiversity.

Photo: Haa Valley, western Bhutan via Wikimedia Commons

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