I write The Mango Road because I got tired of travel blogs and magazines that seem more interested in telling me about the ten or fifteen things I must buy/eat/do. I travel because I'm fascinated by the places I visit, their history, landscapes and the people I meet there.

While there is no shortage of books about Hong Kong, they all tread the same weary path of British colonialism, banks, shopping malls, restaurants and tall buildings, most of which are packed into a few square kilometres of the urban area. Very little has ever been written about Hong Kong’s New Territories let alone guidebooks that help visitors discover its many attractions.

This book addresses that shortfall by shining a spotlight on some of the area’s historic monuments and temples. It takes on some  family-friendly hiking trails, explores abandoned villages and visits monasteries both ancient and modern. It also gives information on how everything can be easily visited using existing public transport.