The art of walking streets

The art of walking

From December 13-15th Yaowarat in Bangkok’s Chinatown (above) will become a walking street from 19.00 until midnight. Only one lane open in each direction to facilitate food vendors. On Sunday 15th the entire road will be closed to make way for stalls from well known restaurants. There will also be music, arts and crafts and a raft of other fun things to do.

Also starting on Sunday December 15 until next May every third Sunday in the month will see Silom Road closed to traffic from mid day until 22.00 hrs. Like Yaowarat there will be plenty of entertainment as well as good food arts and crafts.

From Monday December 16th until January 16th, from 17.00 – 02.00 the next day, Khao San Road walking street will be extended to Tanao and Sip Sam Hang Roads. A stage will be set up by the Chana Songkhram Police Station at the end of Khao San Road for Khon masked dance performances, music and Thai boxing. There will we craft workshops, cooking demonstrations and lots of food from the restaurants in the area.

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