Steam in style

Steam in style

Steam in style: A new heritage service in Vietnam

Indochina Rail Tourist Service has signed a deal with Wafaifo Optimisers to bring back the golden age of steam to Vietnam’s Railways. The country’s last two working steam locomotives have been lovingly restored. The locos are based on the French Mikado class design with a 2-8-2 wheel configuration, and it is planned they will be returned to service by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

The Revolution Express, as the service is called, will operate daily between Danang, Lang Co, and Hue and will consist of two fully appointed retro-styled carriages that can seat up to 57 passengers each, as well as a custom-made kitchen car and a baggage car.

“We seek to give visitors an interactive sense of Vietnam‘s history and future. Whether you enjoy learning about history or railways or simply want to ride an authentic heritage steam train over the famously scenic Hai Van Pass, the Revolution Express will offer a magical experience for young and old alike,” said Indochina Rail’s Chairman, Mr Michael Gebbie.


Each morning at 09.00 the train will head north from Danang and follow the coastal route, between the scenic Hai Van mountains and the sea, arriving at Lang Co by 10.15. The train will continue its journey at 11.30, pass around the lagoon, and arrive in Hue at 13.00. The timetable only affords sixty minutes for looking around Hue before starting the return journey at 14.00. There will be another hour to enjoy Lang Co on the return before arriving back in Danang at 17.45.

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There will be themed restaurants at each station reflecting aspects of Vietnam’s past and present. At Hue, the original maintenance workshops are being converted and themed in an imperial style. Lang Co will celebrate the country’s independence boasting a more modern feel. Apart from the restaurant, there will be food carts on the platform offering homemade ice cream, freshly squeezed fruit juices, Vietnamese coffee, and newly pressed sugar cane. At Danang’s Kim Lien Station, a colonial feel will be adopted.

Wafaifo Optimisers will be responsible for marketing, booking, and catering for the Revolution Express and its stations. Further announcements will be made within the next few months.

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