Rainforest World Music Festival

The Rainforest World Music Festival will go ahead this year albeit in an abbreviated form online. The festival which, under normal circumstances, is held at the Sarawak Cultural Village on the Santubong Peninsula just north of Kuching usually takes place in mid-July.

For reasons we are all too depressingly familiar with the live event can’t take place. Instead an online event has been arranged by the Sarawak Tourism Board which will feature several local acts plus flashbacks from festivals past. The good news is that it is totally free. It will broadcast on June 18-20 from 18.00 -19.30 Malaysia time which is GMT+7.

The shows will include pre-recorded performances by Alena Murang, KEMADA and Sang Rawi on the 18th. Mathew Ngau, At Adau and Suk Binie will play on the 19th. Finishing with Nadine Rhapsody and Tuku Kame on the 20th. There will also be interviews and prizes.

You can register at https://rwmf.net/

A clip from the Rainforest World Music Festival 2017

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