Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai sleepers

Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai sleepers

Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai sleepers

High-speed sleeper rail services between Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Station, Beijingxi Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Station will begin operating from June 15. The new services will operate at weekends from Friday to Monday and will almost halve the journey time from Hong Kong to Beijing from 24 hours and 30 minutes to just 12 hours and 34 minutes. The journey time from Hong Kong to Shanghai will be reduced to 11 hours and 14 minutes down from 19 hours and 34 minutes.

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The trains will be made up of 16 cars accommodating around 600 passengers. Thirteen sleepers, two for second-class seating and a dining car. Classes on both services include the EMU Sleeper, a berth for four people with two bunk beds, a small table and a shared kettle as well as regular second-class seating. The Shanghai service will also boast the EMU Deluxe Sleeper class, a twin room equipped with bunk beds, shared wardrobe, sofa, and kettle.

Fares and timetable

Trains to Beijing will depart from West Kowloon at 18.24 calling at Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Changshanan and Shijiazhuang, before arriving in Beijing at 06:53 the next day. From Beijing, the train will leave at 20:13 arriving in Hong Kong at 08:47 the following day. Fares, at the time of publication* are HK$937 (¥854) for second class seating or HK$1,031 (¥940) for upper berth and HK$1,163 (¥1,060) for lower.

The Shanghai service will leave West Kowloon at 19:49 calling at Shenzhen, Chaoshan, Xiamen, and Hangzhou, arriving in Shanghai at 06:45. Departure from Shanghai is at 20:15 arriving at West Kowloon at 07.27 next day. Fares, at the time of publication* are HK$682 (¥622) for second class, HK$878(¥800) and HK$987(¥900) for upper and lower berths respectively, and HK$1,613(¥$1,470) or HK$1,832 (¥1,670) for the EMU Deluxe Sleeper

Tickets can be booked at the station or via the 12306 online ticketing platform

*These prices may be updated later

Photo: High speed train at Guangzhou via Wikimedia creative commons

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