Maldives to welcome back tourists

Maldives to welcome back tourists.

The Maldives will be the one of the first countries in Asia to re-open its borders for tourism. From July 15 resorts, liveaboards and hotels at uninhabited islands will be allowed to welcome guests back. Guest houses and hotels on inhabited islands will open from August 1.

The Ministry of Tourism has issued new guidelines on operating procedures across the tourism industry have been released. Tourists will not be required to pay any extra fees, produce certificates of negative tests results. Nor will they need to endure periods of quarantine. Though these guidelines are subject to review as circumstances evolve.

The only other country that has shown any interest in opening its borders is Cambodia. There a US$3,000 deposit is required as well as health insurance to the value of US$50,000. A US$100 swab test will be carried out on arrival and the traveller must pay a further US$60 for food and accommodation while waiting for the test results. Once through that lot you will still have to self isolate at your hotel for 14 days.

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Picture: Filitheyo island, Maldives via wikimedia commons

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