Hong Kong, Singapore travel bubble

Hong Kong, Singapore travel bubble agreed in principal

The governments of Hong Kong and Singapore have agreed to form a travel bubble giving residents the ability to fly between the two cities without the need for quarantine.

According to a story in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post travellers will need to present a negative coronavirus test but otherwise there will be no restrictions on the purpose of travel. Travellers will be able to move freely around either city and will not need to stick to a fixed itinerary.

So far there is no launch date. The two governments are still hammering out the details covering testing labs in both cities. Airlines schedules will also need to be organised ensuring that no transit passengers from other locations will be allowed onto the flights. December is looking the most probable but that is a long way off as far as this virus in concerned. Keep your fingers crossed.

The number of daily of new cases in each city has been mostly in single figures for the past month although there are fears that Hong Kong could be in for a fourth wave before long. Hong Kong has also been negotiating travel bubbles numerous other countries including Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand and Vietnam.

Picture: Masjid Sultan, Muscat Street, Singapore

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